CBT Prototype:
Sample "Fast-Track" CBT Module

Browser Requirements: Internet Explorer  (IE-required, per LMS requirements)

1) After launch, press <F11> and view CBT using Full-Screen mode.

2) When viewing is complete, press <F11> to minimize Full-Screen window, then           click browser BACK button.

***Click to Launch CBT (IE 5.5 or above)***

NOTE - This "Fast-Track" prototype was created and approved in 4 weeks (total), including: All graphics, navigation, screen captures and exercises (Captivate), course content (project outline, information map, questionnaire, team reviews, performance assessments, student certificate), and Action scripts and programming. As a prototype, this CBT includes storyboard animations depicting complex Bill of Material "explosion" processes which are both manual and automated under the customer's SAP implementation. Subsequently, all animations were converted using production graphics and animations (e.g. Photoshop CS3 graphics, animation smoothing). The final version was published via the production LMS, and deployed for more than 30,000 students in 28 countries.

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